So what’s new with Elevated?

Tons of great stuff we’re taking off your plate!

Here is a recap of just 5 items released in 2020. There were many more, but we did not want to make a 100 page post 😉:

1) EMA – Your personal “Elevated Marketing Assistant”. Check out this short video giving you an idea of items your new assistant takes off your plate (if you do not have our EMA Service reach out to us):

2) Daily Email Updates of Leads needing nurturing (if you are taking advantage of your Elevated Leads App), Tasks Due, and Calendar Events for the day including Contacts Birthdays, Anniversaries, and more.

3) Added SSL Certification for all Elevated websites free to members to save the additional fees from Domain Providers.

4) Released the Contact IDX Tab in your Elevated CRM which displays what properties your prospects are viewing, how many times they have viewed a property, their favorite properties, and the ability to set up custom property searches, and daily email updates to your prospects/contacts.

5) Added tons of Lead Generation request in your EMA Request Dashboard that we have either pre-written or pre-created to make prospecting easy. We added items such as Texting for Sellers & Texting for Buyers, Market Update Emails (Email Home Value Generator), Private Viewing Virtual Tours, and more. We also wanted to mention we added the ability to send Personalized Birthday Text and/or Emails to each of your contacts for the entire calendar year with a simple EMA Request.

What’s Next?

The App Store! We are excited to announce that the Elevated CRM app will be available for download from the Apple App Store very soon. It is under final review. The new app gives you what you need at your fingertips. Easily make your request to your Elevated Marketing Assistant (EMA), manage all your Elevated CRM contacts & leads, instantly receive & send text messages, receive incoming calls & make outgoing calls from your Elevated phone number, instant push notifications, and more! Android users do not be sad, our Android version is in testing and will be released shortly after the iPhone app

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