Fun Stats! 90% of texts are opened and read within only 3 minutes of receipt. One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

The Easiest Marketing System Ever... Click it, Set it & Forget it!

Stay Top-Of-Mind for all your Clients and Prospects. Easily use our pre-made marketing content or quickly create your own marketing to launch via email, print or text message. Deliver your marketing directly to social media sites whether it’s yours, a prospects or directly to a community and it’s always branded and linked to your website. Launch pre-made text and email drip campaigns, or even better quickly make your own personalized campaigns. It’s Quick & Easy to send content to individual Contacts, or entire Contact Groups within seconds! Beautiful Print Marketing, Text Messaging Campaigning, Text to Codes, Auto-Responders, Scheduled Marketing, and more!

For Sale Print Flyer on iPad

Lead Generating Text Marketing

Want to generate Listings easily within your book of business? Need referrals or to attract the right Buyer for your listings? Great news! We have taken the guesswork out and have the lead producing text messages already created and ready to send for you.

Video Mail (Movie Mail)

Elevated Network makes it easy to create and send out beautiful video mail to your entire Contact Database or Social Media. Simply choose the design you like and paste your Video ID from YouTube or Vimeo, and you have yourself an excellent marketing engine!

Social Media Marketing

With a SIMPLE click of a button you can share hundreds of newsletters, flyers, postcards, single property websites, what’s your home value lead capture marketing and more to your favorite Social Media channels.

100’s of Pre-Made Content

We wanted to start you off in the right direction, so we created hundreds of pre-made letters, marketing pieces and campaigns. It’s as EASY as logging in, choosing what you like and clicking Send!

Let the Elevated Team start marketing to generate you LEADS today!
Elevated will assist you with starting an automated Scheduled Drip Marketing Campaign today!

Elevated Marketing Suite

iPhone with text messages

Personalized Texting & Text to Codes

Why send one personalized text to your prospects and contacts when you can send hundreds at once!!! With your Elevated text program, you can write one text message and have it automatically add your prospect's name to send a personal message to each receipt with a click of a button. Have you ever wanted your text messages to go out at a later time or on a different day? No problem. With Elevated you can choose and schedule when you want your text messages to be delivered. Start automating your life today. Let’s not forget you can easily create an unlimited amount of lead capturing Text to Codes!

Open House Flyer displayed on iPad

Digital Marketing

Great news! You do not need to have a marketing degree to create great marketing pieces. You have an abundance of beautiful marketing templates at your finger tips that are as simple as pushing a button to add images and typing verbiage just like in an easy word document. You can create digital newsletters, flyers, postcards, greeting cards and even video mail. All the marketing pieces can be emailed to your Contacts or Contact Groups with a click of a button and you can see which receipts clicked a call to action or opened the marketing piece. You can also share any marketing piece to your favorite Social Media channels just by selecting the built-in share button!

Elevated Drip Marketing on iPad

Scheduled Marketing Campaigns

Start creating Clients for LIFE with minimal effort using our Drip Marketing Campaigns. Drip Marketing is a steady stream of marketing messages that are sent out via email, and text messages over a predetermined time period or duration. Your goal is having your contacts continually keep you top of mind when they are in need of your services. We have created several great marketing campaigns for you to start utilizing today! Don’t let your past clients or prospects call your competition because you have not been staying in front of them.

Elevated Print Flyer on Laptop

Print Marketing

Tired of spending an arm and a leg for Cutting Edge Flyers and Postcards? Our Graphic Design team thought so! They decided to put their skills to work and designed you exquisite print marketing that you can literally create within seconds. Seriously! Enter the MLS number and your flyer is automatically populated or take a few minutes to make one from scratch. You can print high resolution, professionally designed flyers yourself. In addition, they are downloadable in PDF format for you to email to the printer of your choice at no extra charge.

YES!!!! Finally... a product for Realtors that actually solves all of our marketing needs! And all in one place! From CRM, to drip marketing, to specific listing websites, to text campaigns, to website hosting, to marketing landing lead-web-pages, and on, and on and on... Elevated Network got it right! So easy to use, so comprehensive, tutorials built in for everything, and AFFORDABLE!!! I'm so glad that I finally found a product to pull everything together in one place. Now, instead of managing several different platforms, I have it all here at my fingertips! Well done Elevated Network... problem solved!