Elevated CRM

A CRM on average returns $5.60 for every $1.00 spent. That is an ROI of greater than 500%

Cultivate Clients For Life!

Relationships are the lifeblood of your business. With any important relationship, its level of success will depend heavily upon how well you know one another. With Elevated’s full-fledged CRM system your client relationships are no longer limited to human memory. Start managing thousands of clients and maintain an excellent personal relationship with each of them with little to no effort. People expect personalized conversations based on their unique needs. No one likes a canned email or response. Your Elevated CRM solves the ability to market to the mass yet personalize each message uniquely to your Client or Prospect. The best part is you are not limited to just email correspondence. You can personalize and send text messages as well. Correspond with hot leads immediately, message warm leads incentives and nurture cold leads with your Scheduled Drip Marketing over a period of time so they remember you when they are ready to purchase or sell!

Elevated Network Dashboard & App in Devices

Generate. Cultivate. Automate.

Elevated’s Smart CRM makes it simple and easy to automate your marketing and client follow up. Assisting you in Maximizing Opportunity and Growing Your Bottom Line.

Easy User Experience

So many features, So few buttons, So simple to use! Our Smart CRM makes it easy to manage and close leads with its intuitive automation to make your life easier!

Contacts & Groups

Build and Cultivate Relationships plus increase your productivity with your new Smart CRM that automatically responds based on live behaviors of engagement.

Scheduled Text Messaging

Grow your business with text messaging! Create One & Send Personalized to All. More messages received means more engagement, more leads, more business.

Go Mobile! Elevated CRM App

Take your Elevated CRM everywhere you go! Our mobile app is so simple to use yet so efficient! It truly makes it easy to manage thousands of prospects and leads on the go. Our app includes Texting, Calling, Activity Feeds, Lead Push Notifications, not to mention your Elevated Marketing Assistant is built in so you can make any marketing requests you need on the fly.

Elevated Contact App in iPhone
Elevated will import your Contacts today so you can Generate More Leads & Make Clients for Life!

A Few Smart CRM Features

Elevated CRM Contact Record

Easy on the Eyes

The General Contact Tab is extremely easy on the eyes, and at the same time provides all the pertinent information you want to see. It displays the contact records photo, name, company info, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, websites, events, social links, lead source, last contacted date, groups and more.

Elevated CRM Notes Log

Notes & Logging

Log all of your correspondence, documents and more for easy reference, plus everything is date and time stamped for your protection. Never let a lead slip through the cracks. Easily attach documents and pictures, or other file types to any Note. Bold, Highlight, Change Font Type and Size, Insert Images, Spell Check, Print and more.

Elevated CRM Text Message Log

Text Messaging

Grow your business with text messaging! Simply type your message and hit Send. All your messages are logged plus new text alerts display in your notifications and activity feed. Remember, the more messages you send and receive means more engagement, more leads and more business.

Elevated Contact Drip Marketing

Drip (Scheduled) Marketing

Stay in front of your Clients and Prospects via Text and Email Campaigns. You can use our pre-written Drip Campaigns or make your own personalized campaigns. It’s Quick and Easy to set up individual Contacts or entire Groups. Simply ask your EMA to do it for you!

Watch as Russell shares the SHOCKING value comparison and simplicity of Elevated Network, and our EMA service. Watch Video Testimonial
Russell Walsh
Real Estate Professional