Productivity with true LEAD GENERATION!

Drag & Drop Actions onto your Lead Time Calendar and start earning more Money!

The Elevated LEAD TIME CALENDAR is more than just a tool, It is an absolute necessity to finally break past the barriers of your current income level and slingshot your business to what once seemed out of reach. Lead Times built in prospecting draggable actions drop right on your calendar to schedule when you want Lead Time to do the tasks for you. Sounds good right? We even went the extra mile explaining each action so you know exactly what to do. Not to mention we’ve already written a ton of the decision making content for you. So If you want to send a text to your database to find your next seller, or buyer… there are already actions you can drag onto your calendar with a text message typed out, and ready to send. When you’re ready to deploy, simply schedule the action to go out today, tomorrow or even weekly. Spend a few moments and plan and schedule all of your marketing for the month, then sit back and relax while the Lead Time Calendar prospects for you.

Elevated LeadTime Calendar in iMac

Schedule Lead Generating Actions

Why just make a calendar to remind you of tasks or actions you will need to do later? Start using your Elevated calendar to take action! Easy to use drag and drop tasks that create and/or send your marketing items on the date and time you schedule.

Alerts via App Push, Text & Email

Once the reminder time is set, simply choose the method of delivery. Receive elevated crm iPhone or Andriod App push notification, phone text message, email and pop-ups on the web – or all!

Run Your Business in One Place

Elevated Network stores all your contacts, tasks, notes and events in one easy location that you can access anywhere with and internet connection.

Organization = More Money

An astounding 97% of organizations believe project & task management is critical to business performance and success.

Start Generating More DEALS today with your LEAD TIME calendar!

Elevated Productivity Suite

Create & Assign Tasks

The title of this app says exactly what it is, Create and Assign Tasks. It helps you keep track of tasks. You can manage your team, arrange, and assign certain team members to meetings, events, or simple tasks with the accountability of seeing deadlines to completion. This a true productivity tool! You can determine which actions have already been completed by you or your team. You can input which tasks need to be done and within what time frame and what team member(s) will take ownership of that task. Plus, with the email and text message notifications and reminders, your team stays notified of that task regardless of where they are.


Note to self: Don’t forget to check out the great features that My Notes App has! Time stamped and dated for future reference and safeguarding. Attach files to your notes so you can keep everything that pertains to that subject in one place. An instant keyword search feature will conveniently access your notes quickly. Access your notes at anytime, from anywhere. If you’re a realtor by day and astronaut by night, but you’re on your way to the moon and you have an Internet connection… it technically could work… maybe!


Your Elevated Dashboard provides you with the information you need in a glance. Quickly view your calendar events and add new events as needed. One of our favorite features from the Dashboard is your activity feed. Your activity feed shows you all your inbound leads, text messages, tasks that have been assigned to you and reminders. Simply click on a text or lead notification in your feed and it will take you straight to the contact in your CRM. In addition, you have your main statistics including your Website Views, Top Lead Sources and your last Email Campaign analytics.

Lead Time & Calendars

If you’re coming from a brokerage that leaves you to fend for yourself… Meet our Lead Time Calendar! We’ve created several lead generating draggable actions that are simple to use and more importantly effective! The very strategies and best practices top producing agents are adopting and using daily is now at your fingertips! If you prefer not to show the Lead Time Draggable actions just click a toggle switch and they disappear. You can create as many calendars as you want plus share calendars with team members and add them to events.

This CRM is the Bomb!!! Other CRM & Marketing Platfroms are twice the price than Elevated. I have been using them for more than 4 years and I Love the service. Keep up the good work Elevated.