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Your ALL-in-1 Smart CRM, Website & Marketing Suite
Say hello to EMA...
Elevated Marketing Assistant’s (EMA) are highly skilled experts managing your real estate needs utilizing our Elevated Marketing Suite of tools available to you!
Reinventing Productivity
Giving you back the time to do what's important to you. Time, Energy, and Money!
Marketing Assistant, CRM. Websites & Leads
It is TRUE! Our team of marketing experts takes the guess work, frustration, and learning curve out of marketing. We literally DO IT FOR YOU!

Why are Agents switching to EMA, and our Elevated CRM & Marketing Suite?

Agents grow tired of being sold on so-called “game-changer” CRMs, and Marketing systems. They were left with a lot more questions than answers, realizing they don’t have the time or the mental bandwidth to do everything themselves, and not yet having the budget to hire an assistant.

That’s why so many Agents are turning to EMA. (Elevated Marketing Assistant). Real people who handle your Real Estate marketing tasks ranging from creating property websites, Open House landing pages, helping you stay connected with your clients, and even your social media objectives. Watch the video to see if EMA, and the Elevated CRM & Marketing suite is right for you.

The True "All-in-1 Platform" you have been looking for!

Look no further… Start earning more money with industry-leading Lead Capture Tools, paired with our Smart CRM, Websites with IDX Listings, Facebook Lead Sites, Single Property Websites, Marketing Suite with Scheduled Texting Drips Campaigns, Open House Guestbook, Team Task Manager & even your own Digital Coach… All in one simple solution

Elevated Network Dashboard & App in Devices

Play this Powerful Video explaining how Brokers & Agents grow their business and simplify their lives with our Elevated Marketing System.

Let's look at just a few more features Elevated offers:

Beyond Just a Website... Get an entire Suite of LEAD Sites!

Elevated Network does NOT limit you with just a basic Profile Page Website! You will have your online presence Top Notch with a professional website, including our fully feature IDX Listing Search Platform. However, we said why stop there? Your business is about getting 3 things… LEADS! LEADS! LEADS! So we give you a full suite of Facebook Lead Sites, Whats My Home Worth Lead Sites, Seller & Buyers Lead Sites, Single Property Websites and virtually any other website you can think of. Not to mention you get UNLIMITED Sites!

Exquisite Design

Our goal was to design sites that will get you the results you want with beautiful, innovative features that will give you a high-end presence.

Fully Customizable w/ Drag and Drop

You can do it yourself! No coding needed. Just drag and drop, add text, photo galleries and more. It takes minutes to create your new exquisite website.

Lead Generation & Capture

With lead capture and automation that is second to none start using your new websites to generate traffic, convert leads and create clients for life!

Works on ALL Devices

It is imperative that your website looks its best no matter what device your target audience is using. We design responsively for a seamless transition between devices of all sizes.

Sample Websites Themes
Let your Elevated Marketing Assistant do the heavy lifting for you!

Smart CRM! Built to increase your Revenue.

So many features, So few buttons, So simple to use! Our Smart CRM makes it easy to manage and close leads with its intuitive automation to make your life easier!

Generate. Cultivate. Automate.

Elevated’s Smart CRM makes it simple and easy to automate your marketing and client follow up. Assisting you in Maximizing Opportunity and Growing Your Bottom Line.

Contacts & Groups

Build and Cultivate Relationships plus increase your productivity with your new Smart CRM that automatically responds based on live behaviors of engagement.

Scheduled Text Messaging

Grow your business with text messaging! Create One & Send Personalized to All. More messages received means more engagement, more leads, more business.

Lead Generating Texting Program!

Why send one personalized text to your contacts when you can send hundreds at once!!! With your Elevated text program you can write one text message and have it automatically add your prospects name to send a personal message to each recipient with a click of a button. Best of all, we provide several proven to work Lead Text Messages already written and ready for you to send. Plus, have you ever wanted your text messages to go out at a later time or on a different day? No problem. With Elevated you can choose and schedule when you want your text messages to be delivered. Start automating your life!

iPhone with text messages

Easy Implementation & Friendly Support, Made For YOU!

Your productivity is Our #1 priority. We know you count on your tools to just work. You don’t want to spend hours on the phone with setup or support, seems like a waste to us too! Startup is easy and once you launch, much of your productivity can be automated. Plus, your Elevated Marketing Assistant (EMA) will personally reach out to you and do most of the work for you… Simple! Elevated Network constantly provides free seamless updates. Our Business is your success. Plus, for any reason you get stuck a live team member is just an email, chat or call away!

We are available in the app store once you become a member.