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Elevated Marketing Assistants (EMA)
are highly skilled experts managing your real estate
needs utilizing our Elevated Marketing Suite of tools.
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Work Smarter not Harder with your new
Elevated Marketing Team!

Whether you’re on a Desktop, Laptop, or if you’re like most Real Estate Professionals on the go, your Elevated Marketing Assistant (EMA) will be there to make life much easier! With just a click or two you can request your personal EMA to create, update, or send beautiful marketing on your behalf.

Plus, to ensure you are getting the most productivity from us, your Marketing Assistant will frequently check in to drill down any upcoming opportunities of success. Have a new listing or open house and need all your marketing made? No problem. If you need a Facebook Landing Page created, you got it! Want to send your contacts a text asking for referrals, we’re on it! Do you need help generating leads? Just ask! It is really that easy.

Why are Agents switching to EMA, and our Elevated CRM & Marketing Suite?

Agents grow tired of being sold on so-called “game-changer” CRMs, and Marketing systems. They were left with a lot more questions than answers, realizing they don’t have the time or the mental bandwidth to do everything themselves, and not yet having the budget to hire an assistant.

That’s why so many Agents are turning to EMA. (Elevated Marketing Assistant). Real people who handle your Real Estate marketing tasks ranging from creating property websites, Open House landing pages, helping you stay connected with your clients, and even your social media objectives. Watch the video to see if EMA, and the Elevated CRM & Marketing suite is right for you.

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Simple, Effective & Affordable

Get the tools to grow your business that will be backed with a marketing team ready to create, and execute your plan of action all at your fingertips. It's very hard to become successful on your own. By accepting a little help from your (virtual) friends here at Elevated our goal is to free up your valuable time, and much needed energy to put focus on both your business and personal life.

Let your Elevated Marketing Assistant do the heavy lifting for you!
What Mike Diaz thinks of EMA. The president of Rancon Real Estate talks about the importance of freeing up his Agent's time and how EMA is superior to hiring an Assistant. Watch Video Testimonial
Mike Diaz
President at Rancon Real Estate

How EMA Works

4 Easy steps

1. Choose It!

Through the App, Simply select what you need created through our list of jobs.

2. Request It!

Simply push the request button to send the job you need done!

3. Relax!

Allow your Marketing Assistant to do the work for you.

4. Get Notified

We'll send you the finished product asap! It may take until the end of the day

We are available in the app store once you become a member.