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Hey Elevators, after many, many years, we at Elevated Network are excited to announce and share our new fresh branding! No sweat, we are still the same great company driving to provide you the best tools for your business at very competitive pricing. We hope you love our new look as much as we do :D!

While we have your attention 😉 below are a few updates we have released the last quarter:

New Features (Disclaimer… We did not want to overwhelm you so below are just a few of many, LOL!):

  • Elevated Marketing Assistant (EMA) – Check it out, you have been asking for someone just to do all your tedious marketing and we listened. We’ve got your back… This will be the best decision you will ever make for your business. You ask and we jump on it ;). We are your Elevated Marketing Assistant and will take care of any marketing that can be created in your Elevated Network Account. We have an awesome and super friendly team that cares about your time and your success. We are here to help! Learn more and talk to your Success Coach to help you upgrade. Click Here to learn more.
  • Share a Contact – Teams! You can now easily share any of your Contacts in Elevated to team members under the same Elevated Account. If you notice contacts with a light blue ring around their image it means a team member has shared this contact with you. The contact will also show who shared the contact and everyone that the contact is shared with can log correspondences, take notes and more, plus, your Elevated Smart CRM will track the team member associated with each action automatically.
  • Send a Copy of Contact – You can also choose this option to send a copy of a contact to another team member. This feature does not share the contact. It creates a duplicate contact copy for the team member you send to. This feature does not send your text messages or correspondences, only the general pertinent information. Once a copy of a contact is sent to a team member, they will be able to manage and edit the copied contact as their own. You will not have access to the copy contact you send to them and they will not have access to the original contact that is still in your Elevated CRM.
  • Contact Group Sharing – This is a great way to share several contacts at once to team members. In addition, when you share a group of contacts to team member(s) every time you add a new contact to the shared group that additional contact(s) will be shared.
  • Print Marketing – We have created a couple simple to use and sleek looking print templates for you. There are multiple color schemes and you can easily print them to a PDF to print yourself or send to a professional print company. COOL TIP: After you make the print flyer and you are in the Elevated preview mode you can right click on the flyer preview and save the image to your computer to easily share the print flyer image on Social Media.
  • Reports App – We have added the new Reporting system with some great reports to get you started. Here are just a few: Contact Email Stats, Lead Sources, Email Performance, Drip Performance and more.
  • Add a Correspondence Feature – In your Elevated CRM on the correspondence tab you now have a new button to add correspondence. This allows you to log the non-Elevated correspondences such as an in-person meeting, call, webinar, etc. In addition, this works for Teams as well on Shared Contacts, you can now see the correspondence log of all team members on the same contact record.
  • Added New Contact Fields – Contact Type, Industry, Touch Frequency. Touch Frequency is an awesome new field that will corollate with your new Leads App coming soon to keep you accountable and on top of your contacts.
  • Added Emoji Support to Texting – Let’s have more fun and start texting smiling faces thru Elevated :desktop_computer::sunglasses::tada::100:
  • Foreign Characters – Elevated now supports foreign characters such as Japanese & Mandarin.
  • Text to Code Lead Notification – Added new lead notification for Text to Codes to include phone number so you can better identify where you acquired your lead and how to reach them right away.
  • Mobile Website – We cleaned up our mobile website Navigation and Contact Database to make it work seamlessly for you when you are on the fly and need access to everything in your Elevated CRM.
  • Delete contact group – We made it simpler and clearer for what you are trying to accomplish. It now asks if you want to un-share contacts as well since we have released contact sharing.

We also wanted to mention we have been jacked up on coffee and have some very exciting stuff in the pipe being released in the 3rd quarter for Lead Management and Teams. All of us at Elevated appreciate you having us as part of your team and look forward to continuing to serve you well!

-Elevated Team

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