What? New Dashboard ;)

Elevated Dashboard

The new Dashboard has arrived, and it’s what you have wanted!! You can now keep an even better pulse on your prospect’s wants. Engage in efficient and effective follow-up, plus fast access to your top leads and sources so you never miss an opportunity.

Let’s start with the key features in the Recent Property section. It automatically tracks valuable insights for better lead engagement. You know instantly what properties your prospects have or are currently viewing. How many times they have viewed a specific property which links directly to your prospects contact record so you can quickly see even more. For example, favorited listings, saved searches, or access their idx account to see property notes they have taken or modify/create new searches for them to receive daily email property updates branded from you.

Next, check out your stat toolbar across the top. Not only does this display your top lead sources, total leads, total contacts & your Elevated Marketing Requests; they are interactive as well. Want to follow up with everyone from your top lead sources click the stat tile and your Leads Pipeline will open up filtered with the desired leads. Contacts will take you into your Elevated CRM, and so on. Simple, quick, and handy.

Lastly, your new activity feed provides much better versatility. Quickly filter to what you need. Click LEADS to review all your incoming new prospect notifications; CALLS will display your call task list, plus any incoming calls that you may need to return; PROPERTY notifications let you know when your prospects/clients are actively looking at property on your website, how many times they have looked at properties, when they favorite, take notes or set up searches and more. The list goes on! Some quick tips on how to get even more out of your activity feed; any activity that has to do with a Contact will have the Actions button right on it so you can quickly follow up with a text, create a task, add them to a drip, etc. without having to leave your dashboard. Notifications like Tasks, Calendars, Contacts, Leads, Texts, and Property will also have an Open Link button that will open the associated task, contact, property info, etc. linked to that notification in a new tab. Also, if you filter by EMA notifications, your completed EMA’s will have links and all the info for what your Elevated Marketing Assistant created for you.

Talk about being efficient and effective, you can now follow up with your daily tasks, leads, and more in just a few minutes per day. You can set this as your default page when logging into your Elevated Account by visiting your profile and choosing Modern Dashboard, or just ask your EMA to take care of it for you!

We will be sending you some more great tips on how to convert more leads from your Dashboard and Elevated soon. Here is a quick one in closing… When you see a prospect/contact who has viewed a property several times in your Dashboard, send them a quick text right there saying something like:

“Hey John, I was going to preview this “address” along with a few others and I think one may be a perfect new home for you this weekend. What time works for you to join me?

Have fun converting more Leads!!!

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