#FreebieFriday – Making Your Garage User-Friendly

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Making Your Garage User-Friendly


While creating a user-friendly garage might not be on the top of your list, it should be. People often overlook this space when optimizing it for greater enjoyability. Here are a few ideas you can use to transform your garage into more than just a place to store your car.


Paint the Garage Floor  – While concrete has been the traditional floor for garages for many years, now is the perfect time to update this feature. Consider applying a coat of paint to add a gorgeous touch of color to your garage. Having an attractive garage is more pleasant than having an ugly one, so painting the floor should make this space in your home more appealing to use.


Add Shelving, Pegboard, and Hooks – If your garage offers plenty of room, you might want to add shelving, hooks, and a pegboard for easy storage of tools and accessories. Doing so organizes the garage in a way that makes it easier to use your tools because you know exactly where they are. Plus, the garage floor should be emptier, safer, and easier to use now that your tools and accessories are hanging on the walls.


Create a Mudroom – You only need a few simple modifications to design the perfect mudroom at the entryway from your garage into your home. If you have enough space, install a narrow closet to hold coats and boots. If your space is limited, just put up a few hooks on the garage walls to keep your coats and umbrellas. You might also want to install a few shelves for hats and gloves.


Install a Workbench – The garage is the perfect place to complete some projects, particularly if you store most of your tools inside of it. Working on these projects is going to be easier if you also have access to a workbench. Ideally, your workbench should be set up near electrical outlets for enhanced functionality.


While you don’t need to complete a full-scale renovation, modifying your garage by adding storage and creating spaces that enable certain types of tasks can make a huge difference in how user-friendly this area is. Best of all, you don’t need to make all of these changes at one time. You can start in one area and work your way around through the garage.

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