#FreebieFriday – How to Throw a Fantastic Easter Party for Kids

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How to Throw a Fantastic Easter Party for Kids

Easter is the perfect time to celebrate spring. Why not make it a day of fun for your little one by hosting an Easter party? Get the class or the neighborhood kids together for a day of welcoming the season of new life.


Here’s how to throw a terrific Easter party that kids will love.


Invitations – You and your child can create adorable invitations by cutting an egg shape out of cardboard and gluing construction paper to each side. Let your child decorate one side with markers, glitter, stickers or other art supplies, and you write the party information on the back.

If you aren’t mailing your invitations, you can buy some large, plastic eggs. Put a piece of paper with the party information inside as well as a small toy or piece of candy. Your child can pass these out to party guests.


Decorations – Decorations for an Easter party can be as simple or as lavish as you like. Start with several baskets of colorful eggs placed around the room. You can also make large eggs out of      cardboard or poster board to hang on the walls. Color paper eggs and hang them from willow branches in a vase for cute centerpieces.

The party store may have over sized inflatable carrots, bunnies and other cute items for Easter. Hang crepe paper in pastel, springtime colors.


Food – Pre-boil and dye a few dozen hard-boiled eggs for a pretty presentation. Serve them with a platter of fresh fruits and veggies with a variety of dips. Use rabbit shaped cookie cutters to cut melons and sandwiches. For dessert, serve cake topped with icing and marshmallow candy.


Games – Eggs are a fun choice for games. If you don’t mind a mess, play with raw eggs. Have a classic egg on a spoon race, and pair kids up for an egg toss.

Give popular games a new twist by creating Easter versions. For example, you could make a pin-the-tail on the bunny game or play hot potato with an egg. Play musical chairs, but require the participants to hop like bunnies. Make an Easter-themed bowling game by attaching rabbit ears to bowling pins or 2-liter soda bottles, and decorate a ball like an Easter egg.


Activities – You’ll definitely want to let kids dye or paint hard-boiled eggs. Also hide a ton of plastic eggs for an epic Easter egg hunt. If you have guests of various ages, assign different colors to each age group so the little kids can find as many eggs as the bigger kids.

Get some props like bunny ears and fancy Easter hats, and set up your own photo booth. Give the kids supplies to make foam pictures frames, and print the pictures for them to bring home.


Favors – Prepare an adorable mini Easter basket for each guest to take home, or serve up a candy bar and let children fill a bag with treats they love. Bubbles and other inexpensive spring toys also make fun favors.


It’s not hard to have an Easter party for your children and their friends. With a little bit of planning, you can throw an Easter bash that your young guests will remember for years to come.


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