#FreebieFriday – Five Green Cleaning Hacks Using Vinegar

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Five Green Cleaning Hacks Using Vinegar

If you’ve got a mess to clean up, whether it’s in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, chances are there’s a chemical-based cleaner for it on the market. These days, it seems you can spray or wipe away pretty much anything, but do you want to? Cleaning products too often feature harsh chemicals that could harm people or the environment. Plus they often seem too expensive, especially when there’s a natural, cheap and environmentally friendly alternative available: vinegar.


Use distilled white vinegar or apple cider vinegar for these five common cleaning chores:


  1. Remove stickers, decals, or glue from price tags – Wet a clean rag with vinegar and rub the tacky bits until they roll off cleanly.


  1. Erase tea or coffee stains from mugs or china – Make a paste of equal parts vinegar and salt and scrub off the stains.


  1. Loosen or clean rusted hardware – Soak stuck rusty screws or hinges with vinegar until they loosen. Immerse loose rusty hardware in pure vinegar and scrub with a brush.


  1. Eliminate cooking odors – Add a tablespoon of vinegar to water boiling pungent vegetables (like cabbage). After removing onions, fish, or the like from the frying pan, pour vinegar into it while still hot and boil for a minute before cleaning.


  1. Protect windshields from frost – Wiping windshields with a solution of three parts vinegar to one part water will keep them shiny and frost free.


There’s no need to turn to costly, chemical products when natural vinegar offers so many time-tested, sustainable ways to clean.


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