#FreebieFriday – 7 Inconspicuous Places to Hide Your Valuables at Home

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7 Inconspicuous Places to Hide Your Valuables at Home

Even the Queen of England is savvy about protecting her valuables. The crown jewels were stashed in a biscuit tin under her castle during WWII. No doubt, you want to keep your treasures hidden from thieves as well, but can you think of any burglar-free places to put them at home? Here are some hiding spot ideas where most robbers won’t look.


  1. Curtain Poles – Many curtain poles are hollow. They have detachable ends that pull out or unscrew. You could roll up your bank notes and pop them inside for safety.
  2. Sham Electrical Wall Outlets – You can safely conceal small treasures inside fake wall outlets. Make sure those you buy match other electrical outlets in your home otherwise burglars may notice them.
  3. Musical Instruments – Any instrument with a sound hole, or which you can take apart and is hollow inside, is a useful place to store valuables. Clarinets, guitars, trombones, etc. are potential spaces in which to stash your treasures.
  4. Plant Pots – Potted plant holders can become indoor treasure-troves. Put your goods in a waterproof container, then bury it in the earth and place a plant on top.
  5. Lamps – Plenty of Art Décor and Moroccan style lamps have round glass shades. Stashing jewels in clear shades obviously won’t work, but patterned glass can hide shade contents. Make sure you don’t place valuables in a lamp you actually use since you don’t want to damage them or cause a house fire.
  6. Hollow Building Components – Wainscoting, door jams, cabinet doors and any other hollowed out building spaces are discreet hiding places for your treasure.
  7. Stool Seat Covers – Lots of kitchen stools and office chairs have removable covers. Those that zip up underneath are ideal places to stash light valuables like jewelry and notes.

Of course, you could just put your valuables in a heavy safe and bolt it to the floor. Or, you might leave a small amount of cash lying around as a decoy, since thieves often flee once they’ve grabbed a few items of value. If you rely on sneaky hiding places to stash treasure, though, make sure you avoid those that are detectable. Under your mattress, or in a jewelry box or your sock drawer is too obvious.



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