Exciting News!

Exciting News: Elevated Updates

Guess what! We have not been sleeping!! Instead, we are overdosing on coffee and having fun creating the new features you have been asking for. Check out a few screenshots of the NEW EASIEST IDX PLATFORM currently in beta testing, getting ready to release for your clients to use. We made it easier than using Zillow or Realtor.com for your clients on your all-encompassing Elevated Website. Just Enter a city or location, and bam, results! Change any search criteria and the results update live with every change made. Your clients now can search with ease while you can view in your new Elevated Dashboard: • What properties they viewed • How many times they viewed a property • Alerts for Any Notes & Note History they take on a property • Alerts when they view a property “x” amount of times • Alert that they are actively looking at a property and the last date/time they looked • Alerts on Favorited Properties, Saved Search Creations & Criteria Updates, and more. All this allows opportunity to close more leads and lets you make personal touches like, “Hey, this property caught my eye, and I thought it might be perfect for you! What time do you want to check it out this weekend?” Perhaps you farm a specific area... Be the specialist! With a click of a button, you can share every Active and Closed sale in your farm to your social media channels to let your sphere know you are the marketing expert. Your new Elevated Dashboard being released keeps you in tune with your leads so your conversion rate can continue to increase. You can filter your call list for the day, your property search alerts to follow up with, text messages you need to respond to, reminders, and of course, New Incoming Leads! I know the new IDX platform & Dashboard is exciting, but like an infomercial, guess what... there's more!! We have taken our Drip Campaigns and upgraded them to Smart Drip Campaigns. So, in addition to Text Messages and Emails, you will now be able to add Tasks to your campaigns for Call Reminders, Searches, CMA Creations, and more to your Campaigns. Plus, we have been working on adding over 30 new SMART CAMPAIGNS for buyers, sellers, etc., for you to take advantage of. The above will be included in your CURRENT membership and available soon. I also want to mention coming first half of 2022 will be the release of the new website updates to give you the best looking and client-friendly websites on the market to complement the simplest IDX solution. Lastly, our development team has been updating and face-lifting the Elevated CRM. We have been implanting Smart Views, which shows your Past Clients you have not touched in 3 months, and with a click of a button, you can send a mass text saying, “Hey John! It's been a few. I was thinking of you. How are you doing?” Or view all the birthdays coming up in the next seven days. In addition, we added a Tag feature being released so that you can have your view your way and categorize contacts with ease, plus inline editing is being added and more. Look, we have prided ourselves to provide all the great tools you need for your business at an amazing price... Now we are moving up to provide you the BEST available at our same great membership rates. With Elevated… Your Contacts, Your Leads & Your Brand is YOURS wherever you choose to work!!! Keep your book of business in your hands. Thank you for your loyalty, and know our team is working hard every day for you! PS. If you didn’t already know… We have full Zapier.com Integration built into Elevated, a free URL shortener we made in your profile, and free SSL certificates for all your websites.

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