Elevated Network – New Website!

We at Elevated Network are excited to announce the launch of our new website! We thought, hey, we just released a brand new version of our program and we should have an updated website to match all the new AWESOME features that were released. If for some reason you are still on Elevated Legacy please contact our friendly support team right away so you can start enjoying Elevated Manta (version 2).

Now let’s talk about what we plan on providing with our new Website and Blog. First, we will of course keep you in the loop with new features, release updates and cool items coming. Second, the world has been kind to us and we would like to give a back. We are starting FREEBIE FRIDAY! We will be giving away pictures, articles, memes and other great resources for you to post for free on your blogs, websites and social media channels. Third, we will be posting our Elevated Minutes here. These minute videos will give you great tips with a variety of topics ranging from App’s in the marketplace, Lead Generation Ideas and Elevated Tools… basically, anything we think rocks! Our goal is to give you a quick breakdown on the features and the how to’s. Now that you know the plan let’s start with the first item below:

A Few New Elevated Features

  • Personalized Texting (Why send one personalized text to your prospects and contacts when you can send hundreds at once)
  • Text to Codes (We give you the ability to create an unlimited amount)
  • Email Templates (We added several new fully responsive email layouts called Sleek Theme)
  • Lead Time Calendar (Literally has draggable lead generating actions you set and it prospects for you automatically)
  • Open House Guestbook (Create guestbooks in seconds and capture your prospects info and start them instantly on a campaign)
  • Upgraded Single Property Websites (Beautiful full screen tour plus fully responsive on mobile. Hey the music widget is back 😉
  • List View in your CRM (Switch to List View and you have robust filter options on every column to drill down on exactly what you want)
  • CRM Text Messages Tab (Text your contacts right from the contact record. Plus, all the correspondence is logged forever on the contact)
  • Include Text Messages in your Drip Scheduled Marketing Campaigns (No longer limited to just email)
  • Websites Widgets (You can now use a widget as many times as you want and we added cool new ones for you to check out)
  • VIP Concierge Service (One of our personal Favorites… Just ask and we will do the work for you!)

We have added several more features as well and have still managed to keep your user experience Easy and Fun! New updates coming soon. Hope you enjoy following our blog!

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