Elevated Minute – Why This App is Important for Perfect Timing

We’ve all had days where being on time seems absolutely impossible. Which makes us frustrated and stressed resulting in us running even later. The reality is we start focusing on the meeting we are running late to before we have even left our home or office. Why not make it easier to be on time to appointments daily? Technology is literally at the tip of our fingers and we believe there is an easier way to be on time and less stressed to your next destination.

We want to share an application called Waze. This is not an application that was created by Elevated Network, and no, we are not sponsored. Our team just happens to really love this app because it helps us stay on time. It syncs with our calendars and appointments, plus, it helps us make it to our destination quickly and effectively because it alerts us of accidents, slowdowns, vehicles or hazards on the side of the road, traffic cameras and our personal favorite police 😉. Another great thing about Waze, it makes it easy to update our clients we are meeting with our estimated time of arrival and our current location.

Waze works well with both Android and iPhone! Simply download it FREE from the Google Play Store for Android or the Apple Store for iPhone. Check out our video to see how to utilize Waze and hear first-hand from one of our reps as to why he absolutely loves the app.

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