Elevated Minute – Setup seamless Contact sync on your iPhone.

Watch the awesome video above and below is a quick breakdown of the instructions:

  • Log into your Elevated Network account and click on your profile settings (located in the top right corner).
  • Next click the enable CardDav button in your profile and type in your password.
  • Now grab your phone and click on the settings app.
  • Scroll down and select accounts and passwords.
  • Then select Add account.
  • Then located at the bottom select Other.
  • Then select add CardDav account.
  • For server: you’re simply going to type: elevatednetwork.com – nothing more, nothing less.
  • For the user name you are going to type the exact same email address you use to login to your elevated network account.
  • Same goes for the password.
  • For the description it defaults to say Elevatednetwork we suggest changing it to Elevated Network Contacts.
  • Then click the next button in the top right.
  • You should see all checkmarks! We are 99% Done!
  • If you receive a failed prompt, please be sure to re-check for typos in the fields or verify that your username and password are the correct login credentials. In addition, if you are experiencing further issues please feel free to contact our support team.
  • Next click on the settings button in the top left.
  • Go to Contacts (Settings)
  • Then select default account
  • Next we recommend choosing Elevated Network Contacts. This makes it so any contact added into your iPhone from here on out, will immediately sync with your Elevated Smart CRM.
  • Your are DONE 🙂
  • Any contacts added to your iPhone will automatically and immediately sync with your Elevated Smart CRM. This gives you the benefit of on the go follow up, instant lead capture and the ability of knowing who’s calling you before you answer.
  • For Android users be on the lookout for our CardDav for Android tutorial Coming Soon.



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