Elevated Minute – 4 Effective Tools to Change, and Revolutionize your Real Estate Business

4 effective tools that will change, and revolutionize your Real Estate business right now on today’s Elevated Minute


If you’re an Elevated Network member, congrats because you have all of these tools at your fingertips. If you’re not an Elevated member, this video is for you too! Enjoy!

1. Text Message Marketing
Hot off the press Text Messaging has a higher open rate than emails. Infact, The open rate for text messaging is a whopping 98% verses emails at only a 20% open rate. Why wouldn’t it be? Although email has remained a mainstay for mass marketing, you still have the challenge of being lumped in with the endless piles of emails in their inbox. Text messaging, and the 98% of people that open them believe that your message deserves their attention and a likely response.

2. Open House Guestbook
Put away the pen and paper at your open house and use your laptop, or tablet to check in your visitors. No more deciphering chicken scratch, data entry in your database, or manual follow up.
Open House guestbook is a way to efficiently save you time and dramatically increase your chances of turning your open house visitors into clients with automatic lead capture and personalized follow up with both text, or email.

3. Calendar – If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.
If you’re the type of person who’s faced with endless meetings, frequent interruptions and last-minute tasks, you can easily find yourself being too busy to make any progress when it comes to pushing your Real Estate Marketing. Which is why building out your calendar in advance will keep you and your business efficient. Now just in case your the type who gets distracted from time management, Elevated Network’s got you covered! We have an amazing calendar called Lead Time. It’s a calendar with ready to go actions. So by simply dragging and dropping your desired action on a date of your choosing everything is set to automatically go out. You also have custom options to remind you to post on your social media, personalized text and email, or a reminder to create a property website to showcase before your next open house. Think about that… Spending only a half hour to plan your whole month. Where does the time go? That’s for you to decide!

4. Get a marketing assistant
I don’t have to tell you that being a Realtor involves long sleepless nights, working on weekends and endless prospecting. Some of you may not have the low cost option of getting a Marketing Assistant. Unless you fenagel your kids into doing it. Luckily you don’t have to… Elevated Network’s newly released EMA (Elevated Marketing Assistant) free’s up even more of your time and reduces your stress level by…. A LOT! Basically you get the best of both worlds… A powerful CRM & Lead Management program tied into a fully featured Marketing Suite with an Elevated Marketing Assistant that takes your requests to complete any and all your Elevated Marketing needs with ridiculously fast turnaround time. So the 3 effective tools I mentioned and a bunch of other cool Elevated features??? Yea, you can just ask us to take care of those.

Oh yea, we don’t require office space, vacation, holiday, or sick pay…

To learn more about EMA and the tools I mentioned, just call us today! (949) 515-3555

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