Congrats! You just got upgraded…

Great news! We just released a major update to the service and the great tools you have at your fingertips. Our team has been working around the clock to simplify and make your Elevated Marketing Assistant (EMA) service even easier on you!

You will notice when you go to make your next EMA request for our team to complete for you… that you will have a new, very friendly request process categorized with descriptions of each request we can take off your plate. Also, we added additional marketing requests (per your recommendations) and have grown our resources to speed up our turnaround time. Our goal is to complete your EMA request within 24 business hours!

We have categorized the many marketing tasks we do for you into 6 categories:

  1. Generate Leads
    These are marketing requests we can complete to help boost your business no matter what stage of Real Estate you are in.

  2. Listing Request
    This category provides several marketing requests to help promote your listing to sell and to generate potential new listings.

  3. Buyer Request  
    We have categorized requests to generate more buyer leads and to have consistent follow up through their home buying process.

  4. Marketing Request
    You will find an abundance of marketing requests that are simple to order, ranging from Text Messaging, Email Marketing & Print.

  5. Website Request
    Whether you need us to add your Facebook Pixel or make a website page update, this is your section.

  6. Contact Database Request
    Want your Elevated Marketing Assistant (EMA) to schedule Birthday or Purchase Anniversary Text or Emails to go out to all your contacts? Need us to import your contacts? Mailing Labels? No problem… just let us know with the request!

You will also notice a reduction in icon apps on your Elevated Home screen. Don’t worry… Everything is still there 😉. Since the majority of our members are taking advantage of our awesome EMA Service, we wanted to make things a bit easier on the eyes, so we moved some app icons over to the left pane (vertical toolbar to the left of your Elevated screen). Remember, if you do not have EMA, just email, or text us so we can get you set up with your Elevated Marketing Assistant.

If you are looking for a few of the apps we removed from the home screen, they are still very easy to access. Your Calendar, Tasks List, and Reports apps are all accessible from the toolbar running down the left of your Elevated screen. Your Open House Guestbook and Virtual Tours Apps are available in the “My Websites” app.

Our goal at Elevated is to continue to provide you the best service to help your real estate business grow and prosper. We enjoy serving and providing you the best Marketing Materials, Websites, CRM, and Lead generation tools for your business!

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