A few Updates & Fixes

Hey Elevated Fans, we just released some new features and bug fixes a moment ago. Here is what to expect…

  • Updated Dashboard icons with background image selection feature.
  • CRM & Groups – Column Filters. Awesome feature to filter Leads, Lead Sources and more!
  • CRM & Groups – Added Lead Source, Lead Referral, Lead Type and Lead Priorty to your List/Column view.
  • CRM – User Defined Fields, Lead Type and Lead Priority are now importable fields when using the CSV import.
  • CRM – Contact Note (General Tab), Correspondences, Contact Notes (Notes tab), Dates and Tasks are now all merging with the merge duplicates tool.
  • Fix for Text Messages not being received by some contacts.
  • Fix for Text Messages not sending if a contact has been deleted/deactivated.
  • Fix for JAMLS lot size added for land.
  • Marketing SMS enhancements for troubleshooting and tracking.
  • Website Page Link Titles now link the same as the Page link Image.
  • Fix for issue where “Edit” button in websites wouldn’t open the website page you had selected.
  • Moviemail – Plays automatically when recipients click play in the email when opened on desktops and laptops.
  • Websites – IDX Account Signup Widget Background Image is now customizable. You can now upload your own image.
  • Notification Bell & Activity Feed – Now display incoming text messages and you can click on the notification to be redirected to the contact to reply.

New updates coming soon. Hope you are enjoying following our blog!

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