Replace the trashy yellow notepads!

Note to self: Don’t forget to check out the great features that My Notes App has! Time stamped and dated for future reference and safeguarding. Attach files to your notes so you can keep everything that pertains to that subject in one place. An instant keyword search feature will conveniently access your notes quickly. Access your notes at anytime, from anywhere. If you’re a realtor by day and astronaut by night, but you’re on your way to the moon and you have an Internet connection… it technically could work… maybe!

What? Pictures, Tables & Attach…Anything

      • That’s right, you can Insert Pictures
      • Change Font Color and Size, Highlight, and even choose your own Font
      • Number Formatting and Bullet Points
      • Custom Tables
      • Even Copy and Paste. Does it sound like you have your own word processor? That’s because you do!

What Client’s Say

I highly recommend the Elevated Network Program. For any individual who is serious about Real Estate and having an organized platform to work from Elevated is the ticket.
Mike Diaz, President at Rancon Real Estate
The Elevated Network product is far superior to any other Real Estate Tool platform currently on the market. I am thoroughly impressed with the ease and accuracy of the product. Thank you for making my Business more professional while saving me time and money!!
Lori Robinson, Coldwell Banker
If you are a real estate agent, check out Elevated Network. They have integrated everything from website, capture pages, drip emails, contact management, and too much to list. This is the best value I have seen out there & have switched companies to this one. The customer services has been great!!
Nick Paez, Intero Real Estate Services
I’ve been in Real Estate since 2004 and have used different systems. But this is definitely the tool that Realtors have been waiting for. If the pricing doesn’t entice you, the tools certainly will. It does everything that i need from contact and lead management to virtual tours to drip marketing. I even got a website. it even offers things i didn’t even know i needed. It’s also very easy to use. I had to call support one time to ask a general question and not only was he friendly, But very helpful. Even though I shouldn’t want my competition to know about this company, I’m enthusiastic to share about it! So from one Realtor to another, I highly recommend!
Georgina Casillas, Coldwell Banker
Remember this name “Elevated Network”…soon to be recognized as the absolute “STATE OF THE ART” contact management program that is pack full of all the features needed by any realtor. I urge you to compare this program to any others that are available on market. There are none that come even close to this one for ease of use, features offered and cost effectiveness at only $29.95 per month. You get all the tools you need to become successful. You absolutely won’t believe the value you will get for the money spent. If you are not using this program you are working way too hard and spending way to much. Do yourself a huge favor and take the time to understand the features offered. If you do, I guarantee that you will immediately sign up for it and be well on your way to substantial increases in your income. Don’t delay…check it out now!
Bob Walz, New Dimension Investment Properties
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Elevated Network is incredibly simple to use with refreshingly clean designs.

Plus you get some awesome features, options and so much more at a ridiculously affordable price!

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