Never Lose Track of A Lead Again!

LEADS! LEADS! LEADS! Opportunity is knocking because the leads come to you! Websites, Landing Pages, Form Submissions, Social Networks, Virtual Tours, and Search Engines are great avenues to generate leads. The Leads App makes it SO simple to quickly view and manage your Leads in a clean table layout that you can sort by Status, Priority, Lead Types and more.

Auto Reminders!

Set up your Leads App to auto create a Follow-Up Reminder that will Text, Email and Pop-up in your Elevated Network Dashboard whenever you have not contacted them within so many days, weeks, or months.

Instant Notification

Research has shown the highest odds to successfully closing a new Lead are when the Lead is contacted within the first 5 Minutes! With this in mind, we took it upon ourselves to ensure our system will send you a Text Message to your mobile phone immediately to let you know when you have a New Lead Alert. Also, you will receive an email with all the Leads Contact Info and Message of Inquiry. Go Close Them!

Creates Contact!

When you generate a new Lead from your Website, Virtual Tours, IDX, etc.; a Contact is automatically created in your Contact Database, plus the Contact Record with enter the Lead Source and the message your Lead submitted to you will be saved as the First Note in the Contacts Record! Pretty Awesome!

Capture & Close

Now that we have them…Lets take action!!! Leads are automatically entered in to your Contact Database. Introduce yourself by sending them a message from your Letter Database or add them to a Drip Campaign to stay in consistent contact, it literally takes seconds. By utilizing all of your elevated network tools you can guide your leads toward successful closings simply, and efficiently.
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