Access your files from anywhere at anytime!

No more having to drive back to the office because you forgot that file. Simply log into your account, and access them from anywhere. With an easy to use up-loader you can send any file you desire straight to your filing cabinet. Use it for backup, or future access. You can also sort them by list, or thumbnail view. Organize your files by selecting or creating a folder that best suits your data.

Upload your data...

Uploading your data is quite easy. You can upload many file extensions. Some of the most popular files include PDF’s, JPEG’S, DOC, DOCX, ZIP, and RAR files. We even start you off with 2GB of storage. If 2GB is not enough…no worries you can get more!

Manage Your Files

It’s a simple interface that makes it easy on the eyes to manage your files. View, rename, cut, copy and paste your files in the predefined folders, or create your own folders. Select multiple files and compress them into a zip file right then and there, and download them to your computer or tablet anytime.

Edit your photos

WOW! You can edit your photos with our built in photo editor. Easily resize, Crop, flip/rotate your images. There is no need to be a Photoshop expert when you adjust lighting and color levels. You can also enhance your photos and sharpen them. There’s nothing like a vibrant image that increases your chance of turning heads.

2 GB of Storage

You’re Elevated Network account already comes with 2 Gigabits of cloud based storage by default. However, if you need more storage – we can always offer more for a nominal fee.
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Elevated Network is incredibly simple to use with refreshingly clean designs.

Plus you get some awesome features, options and so much more at a ridiculously affordable price!

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