So many features, So few buttons, So simple to use!

It’s easy to input and manage your clients and prospects. Create unlimited contacts and groups with just a few clicks. Utilize it to its full potential; Contact Groups makes it fast and effortless to market and stay in touch. Quickly search keywords with modifiable fields to narrow down your criteria. It’s also synchronized to work with all other Elevated Network applications that save you both time and effort. Elevated CRM makes it simple and easy to view and connect with your Contacts. Leads automates your interaction and follow up with alerts, reminders and required or desired actions for each business prospect. Leads App helps you Maximize Opportunity and Grow Your Bottom Line.

Create Groups

Utilizing Contact Groups makes your business more productive; easily create multiple groups, or copy, or move your contacts from one to multiple groups. Synchronize with other Elevated Network applications such as – Gallery Websites, Drip Campaigns, Letters, Movie Mail, Flyers, Newsletters, Postcards, SMS Texts and More. The possibilities are endless!

Contact Importer

Already have your contacts listed somewhere? There’s no need to start from scratch. With just a few clicks you can import all of your contacts. It literally takes seconds! Compatible with Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo or any database export. We built our Our Importer to automatically map and import any CSV Export File!


Get to the right contact instantly! Quickly search through any field or data associated with your contacts or contact groups using the simple search option. Search looks for a search term, locates it and loads the results in seconds. Easy, Quick and Efficient.

Mobile Phone

Because Elevated is 100% Mobile, you can access any part of your system directly from your phone including contacts and groups. You can also set your Contact Database to sync directly with your mobile device, you can now keep them organized with one simple to use program.

Contact Tabs Features

Our Contact Database is built to be extremely simple to use, with a sleek and comfortable design that packs a ton of vigorous features! We use a clean Tab based system for ease of use, convenience, and it’s loaded it with all these Premium Features;

The General Contact Tab is extremely easy on the eyes, and at the same time provides all the pertinent information you want to see. It displays the contact records photo, name, company info, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, websites, events, social links, instant messengers, connections, lead source, last contact, inquiry and groups they are associated with.

  • Contact Hyperlinks give you the ability to Email, Text or Call directly from each Contact.
  • Addresses open in Google Maps so you can get directions and look at street view images with a click of a button
  • Set Set Favorites and priority connections for Email and Phone for any contact using any of Elevated Networks Apps



Log all of your correspondence, documents and more for easy reference, plus everything is date and time stamped for your protection. Never let a lead slip through the cracks. Easily attach documents and pictures, or other file types to any Note.

  • Search through all of your Contacts Notes with the easy to use Search Feature, you can even change the display order
  • You can use Bold, Highlight, Change Font Type and Size, Insert Images, Spell Check, Print and more


No more apologizing for being late, or a no-show to a meeting with that really important person with zero-tolerance for late birds. Let this be your guide! Once the reminder time is set, simply choose the method of delivery. Send to your phone via text message, email, pop-up on the web, or all three. This is a great tool to utilize in your business. Don’t forget!


  • Recurrence…Absolutely! Schedule a Task that you need to repeat Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly
  • Choose from multiple calendar views to meet your need, Create calendar events for contacts or they auto-populate from your calendar app if contact has been added.
  • Task pane displays any and all tasks scheduled with or shared with each contact.


Easily attach documents, pictures & other file types for any contact. This is a great place to store any and all Letters, documents or pictures you want to associate with a contact but  you need quick access to.

  • Multiple File Uploader
  • Upload Several File Types
  • Access Files anywhere with an internet connection


Ever have trouble finding that message you sent out 2 years ago? With our Contact System, every email or text you send will link to the Contact Records. Correspondence Tab in a Sortable Table with a Message Preview Option.

  • Email and Text Previewer
  • Easy to find…Any Message you send will always stay attached to your Contact


Stay in front of your Clients and Prospects. You can use our pre-written Drip Campaigns, or make up your own personalized campaigns. It’s Quick and Easy to set up individual Contacts, or entire Groups; and any campaign you have set up for a Contact will link to their Contact Records Drip Tab for you to quickly manage!

  • Schedule and Send Drip Campaigns as Emails or SMS Text Messages
  • Easy to manage and check status
  • You can cancel any campaign straight from the Contact Record



Elevated Network is incredibly simple to use with refreshingly clean designs.

Plus you get some awesome features, options and so much more at a ridiculously affordable price!